In 2018 Coeur de Pion launched for the first time a series of pop up shops that has earned support from Moneris and Visa Canada through success stories.

Our athleisure clothing offers you clothing that is both elegant and comfortable through patterns made with finesse and precision to allow you to remain free in your movements and dynamic in elegance every day.

Our supporters, fans and customers who already wear Coeur de Pion have told us how comfortable and dynamic they felt, and have very often received great feedback style.

Among the people who wear Coeur de Pion, there are international artists, athletes, actors, yoga teachers. In short very varied profiles that prove that Coeur de Pion is for everyone.

Each of the pieces in our athleisure wear collection is named after a star. So when you put them on, it’s your radiance that emanates through your style.

At Coeur de Pion, we firmly believe that every person has unlimited potential. Our mission is simply to accompany you in your lifestyle, in the realization of this full potential.