Freedom Convoy

Freedom Convoy 2022

I was born under a communist regime: 1984 in the People’s Republic of Benin. In fact, I can only believe in freedom. And I understand the fears of those who fear the advent of an Orwellian civilization. Strangely I never made the link with the book and my year of birth, but I’m getting sidetracked

What is ironic about this freedom convoy
is that it’s happening in the freest countries in the world
I find it really, really hilarious
Brother, if you can park in front of the parliament
Block access to the highest governmental body in your country
Block major economic axes and thus risking to starve some of your fellow citizens
For 15 days in a row
Without repercussions or consequences
Bro, freedom doesn’t go beyond that 🙂
In my humble opinion, it seems to me that you are already quite free. Maybe you should choose another name for your convoy

I would be remiss if I didn’t finish this tirade without mentioning an important aspect
It makes me laugh and it breaks my heart at the same time to have seen swastika symbols and confederation flags waving in the name of freedom
These symbols of oppression and barbarism are, as far as I know, the antithesis of the principle of freedom

Your claims may be legitimate, but in the midst of Black History Month, it is shameful to display such symbols in the name of freedom when, as we speak, Uighur people are in open-air prisons simply for being different, Blacks are still being enslaved for the simple fact of being black, Palestinians are still oppressed, and First Nations are still parked in reserves for the simple fact of being indigenous on this same land where people who are already free, are claiming freedom

You deserve to be heard, but the name of this convoy, from my point of view, is an insult.

I was only passing by